Course Description (from SDSU General Catalog): Math 254. Introduction to Linear Algebra. 3 units. Prerequisite: Mathematics 151*. Matrix algebra, Gaussian elimination, determinants, vector spaces, linear transformations, orthogonality, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. *At TPHS, students take Math 252/Calculus D before or concurrently with Math 254/Linear Algebra.

General Information

Chapters 1, 2, 3
Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices, Determinants, Vectors in 2-Space and 3-Space


Chapter 4 -- Euclidean Vector Spaces


Chapter 5 -- General Vector Spaces 


Chapter 6 -- Inner Product Spaces


Chapter 7 -- Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors


Chapter 8 -- Linear Transformations


Additional Support

In Spring 2020 I put together this list of video links as additional resources for my students. At the time we focused primarily on Chapters 4 through 8, however these channels should have good support for earlier concepts too.

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Additional Notes
Original links that I'm keeping here for my reference. They all should be already incorporated into the lists above.

The above course notes, assignments, and quizzes are for the Linear Algebra (SDSU Math 254) classes I teach at Torrey Pines High School. I wrote and modified these files over several semesters. Much of the work is my own; however, I borrowed several examples and diagrams from the textbooks* my classes used while I taught the course. These notes, assignments, and quizzes are free for use by my current and former students. If other Linear Algebra students and teachers find these notes useful, I would be happy to know that my work was helpful. - Abby Brown

*Elementary Linear Algebra, 8th edition, Howard Anton, ©2000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN 0-471-17055-0. (Chapter, section, page, and formula numbers refer to this text.)

*Elementary Linear Algebra: Student Solutions Manual, 8th edition, Elizabeth M. Grobe and Charles A. Grobe, Jr., ©2000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN 0-471-38249-3.

*And a few additional Linear Algebra textbooks that I own or borrowed from friends.

Most of the links are PDF files that can be read with Adobe Reader. If you have trouble downloading the files, try right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As..." If you have trouble printing, try printing five or so pages at a time rather than all at once. For best results, use the most current version of Adobe Reader.