Below are links to the course profiles and descriptions for each of the courses offered by the Torrey Pines High School Math Department. Also look through the following for additional details about some courses.

Experience has shown that successful math students come to class ready to learn with a positive attitude and a willingness to ask questions. The course profiles for mathematics are designed to help you make better decisions about which math classes to take at Torrey Pines. Note that each profile contains two parts: (1) the background students should have before entering a course and (2) what students can expect when taking the course. These profiles are not comprehensive lists of all topics that students should know nor are they lists of all topics taught in each course. The profiles are designed as overviews and are based on the California Content Standards for Mathematics as well as the experience of several math teachers who have taught these courses for multiple years.

Beginning High School

Most students enroll in Integrated Math 1 or 2 for their freshman year, depending on how they did in eighth grade and how prepared they feel for high school course work. Students with a talent and passion for mathematics who successfully complete Integrated Math 1 Honors usually take Integrated Math 2 Honors. Some advanced freshmen who would like to accelerate their math program will take Accelerated Integrated Math 2/3 Honors.

Intermediate Courses

After successfully completing IM 2, students take Integrated Math 3. Integrated Math 3 Honors includes much more content than college-prep IM 3 since pre-calculus content is taught at this level within the honors sequence. Students who complete IM 3 have a choice of college-prep electives to take the following year: Introduction to Calculus, Statistics, or Statistics Reasoning in Sports. (Note that students should not jump from college-prep IM 3 to AP Calculus since there are key pre-calculus topics only taught in IM 3 Honors and Introduction to Calculus that they would need for success in AP Calculus.) Statistics and Statistics Reasoning in Sports are courses that teach data analysis and logical reasoning.

Advanced and College-Level Courses

Students who successfully complete IM 3 Honors or Introduction to Calculus have several choices. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level courses taught in high school. Students take a test in the spring to determine whether they may earn college credits for the course. AP Calculus AB covers the topics typically taught in a first semester college calculus course. AP Calculus BC covers the topics typically taught in the first two semesters of the college calculus sequence. Calculus C, Calculus D, and Linear Algebra are three semester-long courses taught at Torrey Pines in conjunction with San Diego State University. AP Statistics and Probability is another college-level elective where students learn data analysis and analytical thinking skills.

For additional information, please note that San Dieguito Union High School District standards for mathematics align with the California State Standards published by the California Department of Education and the Advanced Placement (AP) Course Descriptions published by the College Board. Links to those sites may be found below.