TPHS Calendars and Bell Schedule Documents

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TPHS Planning Calendars 2024-2025 (Semester at a Glance)

Here is a calendar just for TPHS teachers and students. You can see the entire semester for a class on one page. White means you meet that day, gray means you don’t. Great for planning, notes, and reference. Remember that there are fewer days in the fall semester and more days in the spring semester. We begin the school year with a block 1-3-5-7 day on Tuesday, August 13 (not a single period day).

Updated 5/10/2024

These are based on the official TPHS Full Year Odd/Even Calendar "Updated 2/28/2024."


TPHS Bell Schedule Mini-Posters

The "Mini-Posters" linked below are great for classrooms and workspaces to keep track of those minutes. I like to use the "Summary Page" in a few key places too. Included are Regular Days, SC Days, Collaboration Days, and Assembly Schedule Days. Print, post, and share as needed.

Updated 5/10/2024

These are based on the TPHS bell schedule linked above "Updated 4/17/2024."


Bonus: Alternate Odd-Even Calendar (Year at a Glance)

I discovered a site called Calendarpedia a few years ago. For the alternate TPHS calendar linked below, I modified an Excel version from the Calendarpedia site as described below. Not every detail is included, such as ends of quarters or which classes meet on which finals days, but I have found this useful to have in my classroom and at home.

Updated 5/7/2024