MiraCosta College on College Applications

Treat these classes as if they were actually taken at MiraCosta College. List the classes as college courses you have taken, are currently taking, or are planning to take, as appropriate.

Calculus C = MCC Math 155 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II (4 semester units)
Calculus D = MCC Math 260 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III (4 semester units)
Linear Algebra = MCC Math 270 Linear Algebra (4 semester units)

For Advanced Topics in Math II, see the SDSU & College Apps web page.

Note: None of these classes are UC a-g. Calc C, D, and Linear are college courses instead.

Level = College-Level (if asked, 155 is 100-level and 260 & 270 are 200-level)
Department = Math
Course Numbers = 155, 260, 270
Type of Units = Semester (not quarter)

First Semester = Fall
Second Semester = Spring

Transcripts: SDSU Transcript Request: Frequently Asked Questions
Note: I do not have information updated for MiraCosta. The general information and advice on the above linked FAQ page will still be relevant, but MiraCosta transcripts will, of course, need to be ordered through MiraCosta. I believe they have an online option and a mail-in option like SDSU. If you have any trouble or need me to help clarify something about the MiraCosta process, please let me know.

COMMON APPLICATION Notes (Updated 2017)

If something is different than my directions below, please let me know so that I can update it.

* Note: I've been told that the 2017 Common App does not need as many details as are listed here. Please let me know if there is additional information I need to add to this list. *

In the "Current or Most Recent Year Courses" section it says: "If a course taken grants both high school and college credit, the course should be listed in the Current Year Courses section since it satisfies a high school requirement. However, if a course taken is through a college that is independent of the high school (i.e. no high school credit is received), then the course should be listed in the Colleges & Universities section." 

In the "Colleges/Universities" section:

However, there is apparently no place to list the actual courses taken.

Use the "Additional Information" section to indicate the courses.
I suggest writing something like the examples below. These convey all of the same information asked for in the past by the Common Application.


UC APPLICATION Note (Updated 2017)

If something is different than my directions below, please let me know so that I can update it. 

For Calc C, Calc D, and Linear:

For the UC Applications there is a place to list your college classes. The MiraCosta stuff goes there. Once you get to the part where you list the classes, most is easy to fill out. However, there is a drop-down menu for "Subject Area/Course Category" that includes the choices "Calculus" and "Advanced Mathematics." List the MiraCosta classes as "Advanced Mathematics." (Some high schools have students take Calculus at local colleges instead of offering AP Calculus. Our program is not that. That is why we want the distinction that this is "Advanced Mathematics.")


CSU APPLICATION Notes (Updated October 2017)

For California State University (CSU) applications, the system is new for Fall 2017 and there are some known glitches in the system. One of the issues is how it handles college courses taken while in college that are not being used to fulfill the a-g requirements. These are our courses. Below is a list of what I heard and saw directly with a representative from CSU.

If you are not seeing options on the left sidebar to enter college information, make sure that in your "Extended Profile" (accessible through a tab at the top of the screen) you have included that you are applying for "undergraduate" admission, you are a current high school student, and you have marked "Yes" that you have taken college courses.

Note: The advisor specifically stated that the CSU application works best on Chrome and Firefox.


Do the best that you can to fill in the information requested. If you still have questions, see me or your counselor.

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