Welcome! Lets get started . . .

Here is a list of links to help you get ready for the first couple days of class. In general, you will find all of the PDF notes, homework assignment sheets, quizzes, and additional materials on the Calculus D page. Since the "Welcome" list below won't always have a link on the home page, keep in mind that you can get to the main Calculus D page from the "Classes" menu. You may want to bookmark the Calculus D page. See below.

Items for Beginning of Semester:

* "Limits (Parts of Chapter 2)" is not included in the "Calculus D Notes All." You can print that one from my web site or use this link: Limits (Parts of Chapter 2) Course Notes



Many links above are PDF files that can be read with Adobe Reader. If you have trouble downloading the files, try right-clicking and selecting "Save Target As..." If you have trouble printing, try printing five or so pages at a time rather than all at once. For best results, use the most current version of Adobe Reader (link on left).