Back-to-School Night

Presentation for Advanced Topics in Mathematics II

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Below is my Back-to-School Night Presentation to introduce my Advanced Topics in Math class. This introduction and the included slides represent my usual presentation for our in-person Back-to-School Night event. I am so excited to be starting a new school year with so many familiar faces in the Advanced Topics in Mathematics II class. I welcome my new students too and am sure things will go well with all.

The Advanced Topics course is different than traditional math classes in that the students will be primarily working on projects. Many of their assignments will be done using the computer program Mathematica and the Wolfram Language. If your student has not shown you the program yet, be sure to ask them about it and to see a sample of what we have done so far. More exciting lessons are coming soon!

For more information about the course, please review the course syllabus (linked below). Students have the option to enroll for SDSU credits for this course. I have explained this in class, but you may contact me if you would like more information about that.

Please take a few minutes to view the presentation (3 minutes). If you have questions or would like to connect directly, please email me:

Abby Brown

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