3D Printing
Resources for anyone interested in learning more about 3D printing. For students and staff at Torrey Pines High School, some additional materials are available for using the 3D printers we have on campus.
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Introduction to 3D Printing

How does 3D printing work? What are the steps to go from idea to printed model? This introductory video is designed to show students and other interested people the basic process of 3D printing. Featured hardware includes the MakerGear M3-ID and software Simplify3D and Wolfram Mathematica.

Introduction to 3D Printing: https://youtu.be/MARPSciA2-Y

Full hyperlapse video of print: https://youtu.be/QSgKRQjHsOs

Do you have a model file to prepare for 3D printing? Do you want to better understand the options available for a 3D print? The lesson linked below walks you through several steps with the triceratops example featured in the video above.

Introductory Lesson: Preparing G-Code with Simplify3D


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Additional introductory information and helpful links.

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Articles & Presentations

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TPHS Files

Download the appropriate .factory file for Simplify3D and use this as a framework to import your STL model files. You may need to right-click and choose "Save Target As..."

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